28 Nov

Occupational therapy (OT) improves your child's cognitive, physical and social skills. The goal is to strengthen the skills of everyday activities so that your child can become independent and take part in various activities. Therapy often focused on improving concentration, improving core strength, motor planning skills, and self-care.

The best Occupational Therapy Center in Bhubaneswar

OT is used when children struggle with their daily routine. A therapist can identify your child's difficulties and strengths and help them work out practical solutions. Harmony Therapy is the best occupational therapy center in bhubaneswar can help your kid improve independence by using different techniques, and using new equipment. 

How does it help Children? 

  • Following an accident or illness, or who has a disability or mental illness, or those with learning disabilities to develop skills to improve their confidence and self-esteem in social situations.
  • Children who participate in our therapy center can improve motor planning skills, and game skills, and other daily activities.
  • It also benefits children by identifying the equipment needed to achieve maximum independence.


Birth defects or injuries integrative or sensory disorders brain or behavioral problems or post-surgical conditions and similar chronic illnesses, your child’s fine motor skills will be worked on throughout occupational therapy. The occupational therapy in bhubaneswar will assist them with learning to grab and release toys as well as playing games. Hand-eye coordination is also the main focus of occupational therapy.

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