19 Dec

Sensory integration disorder is a complex disorder of the brain which results in difficulty with processing information that comes from our senses. It is common for sensory processing disorder to be present in those children that also experience developmental disabilities. Also sensory processing issues are very common in those with spectrum disorders.

Harmony Therapy & Wellness Center is the best Sensory Integration Therapy Center in Bhubaneswar. Our therapist specialist helps children with sensory processing issues or sensory integration disorder.

Best Sensory Integration Therapy Center in Bhubaneswar

Sensory Integration Therapy is based on the idea that the brain will learn to adapt to incoming sensation with time, and help them process and react to these sensations more effectively. Sensory integration helps build the mental and physical framework within children’s nervous system, to assist with properly perceiving sensory input and understanding the significance behind a particular texture, movement, or sound.

For example, a child with sensory integration disorder might see an object, but may not be able to recognize it. He may also inaccurately perceive the weight or texture of the object. With our Sensory Integration Therapy, your child may be able to overcome these problems and interact with the objects in an efficient manner.

Our Sensory Integration Therapy in Bhubaneswar is the best solution for neurological disorder.

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